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Hi everybody,

after playing with the thought of joining this community for quite some time I finally did it; so Hi!^^

Actually I'm not that new to the Ned Kelly 'fandom', it sort of started in 2000 (or 2001) when I read Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang. A brilliant book, if you haven't read it so far and have a little spare time I can only recommend it.

Well, that's how I got interested in Ned Kelly and started with a little research (which was good as I had to write a short 'work' on any topic that was somehow related to the English language at school. I decided to write about Ned Kelly). The best book I came across so far was Molony's Ned Kelly that gived you a detailled accounter of the happenings. Besides it is nicely written as far as a non native speaker like ma can judge. You probably already know the book.

Anyway, before I start boring you I better stop. Hello once again and cu around.
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