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Picspam...just because

Warning: the first three are really big.

Me at Glenrowan trying to hug two very tall, very cylindrical bushrangers, lol. I think they were supposed to be Steve and Dan. No idea really.

The sign planted in the ground at the very spot where Ned fell. The quality is shit because I'm digital camera retarded.

Me humping hugging a very, very big Ned's leg. My dad took that photo, so don't blame me for the quality :p

The very scary Mick Jagger in the first Ned movie. I haven't seen it. Thank god.

The movie poster that should've been plastered all over the theatres. But no, we got Heath and his moustache instead. At the risk of sounding like a fangirl, Orli looks rather sexy there.

For any Heath fans out there. Can't really say I'm one of them.


'I'll kill Aaron for making me wear this hat...'

'Please, Ned, the shaven head is so 19th century criminal.'

-Caption unavailable due to fainting-

'One wrong move and the horse gets it.'

'Hang don't look like Ned...'

Ned: poster boy for angst.

'What do you mean, you charge interest?'

'These pants are giving me the biggest wedgie...'

Hope y'all liked ^^
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