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Hello from UK

Greetings All!

Yup you might find this a bit hard to beileve but a brit who likes everything to do with Ned Kelly!

Well it all goes back to a few years ago when I went to see my sister (who lives in Port Melbourne) and the film was just going to be released so their were exhibitions everywhere about Ned. So I decided to go on a night tour of the old gaol at Melbourne (with my Mother) and saw the actual cell Ned was in and also where he got hanged. I actually bought a Ned statue there and its next to my computer now :o)

So I then decided to go and see the film and yup I very much liked it, us Brits were not in it much but I could clearly see our influence in many parts of the film. Sadly the film didnt do that well here in UK (which Im not really that surprised) but its one of my favourites anyway.

Forward in time to this year when my parents went to see my sister again, and they actually visited the inn where the siege happened (all touristy now) and I got very jealous. They did get me some pressies though including a nail from the rail track (which had the wrong dates on it would you beileve it) and a couple of other small things. I'm now hoping to go there myself when I visit Sis next but dont know when.

Anyway be nice to keep in contact with you guys and please add me to your friends list if you wish.

Cheerio for now
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